Wednesday, October 12, 2011


               When some one says their kid refuses to go to school you may think of Schoolitis. With schoolitis kids will play sick, don't confuse this with what I said in my post School Refusal. I have seen schoolitis faces and school refusal faces. Schoolitis is a normal face of a hidden face, the child will cover their face. School refusal the child actually turns pail to white and the word fear is written all over their face.  With Schoolitis, the child may be being bullied, maybe the child has a weight issue, maybe it all started after they just got braces put on their teeth. Maybe they are just starting a new school. Maybe they are disabled and have to wear something like leg braces. Or just simply they have a lot of freckles or they have bucked teeth.
               I have looked and looked for the episode of the Bill Cosby cartoon show Little Bill where Little Bill is getting bulled and his father tells him to just say so to every thing the bully says. Well it took him a few to say it but he did and it made the bully run out of things to say so he stopped bullying Little Bill. I have tried to get my kids to do that but they wouldn't so I can't tell you if it really works or not. When I find it I will post a link for it so you all can see it.
              So most of the Schoolitis problem is Bullying by kids or even bullying by teachers. If the child is having a learning disability I have heard of teacher knocking down harder on them to do the work. Just talk to your child. They know.